Moneron Island

Moneron Island is located in the basin of Tatar strait 50 km to the West of Southern edge of Sakhalin Island. The length from the North to the South is 7 km, from the West to the East – 4km, max height mark is 439.3 m (Staritskiy Mountain). In 1787 sea voyager Jean-Francois de Galo, earl La Perouse who accomplished a round-the-world voyage on frigate “Bussolle” discovered a “tiny, lifeless island” 43 km from the South-West coast of Sakhalin to which he gave the name of his engineer Moneron.

Moneron Island is died out volcano and one of the most attractive places in the Far East. It’s the real pearl in the insular necklace of the Sakhalin coast. Here is the virgin nature and the cleanest air. The main wealth of the island is sea flora and fauna. High water transparency (30–40 m) and influence of the warm stream of Tsusima raising the temperature of coastal waters up to 20 degrees form unique underwater landscapes and determine existence of especially rare types of underwater fauna. Here subtropical and arctic types of fauna dwell together: far eastern trepang, seaside scallop, and Swift’s frill, Grey mussel and sea urchins, sea stars and giant octopus, Kamchatka crab, black killer whale and dolphin, more than 270 species of fish.

There are grounds of big marine mammals (eared seal, bay seal, and hair-seal) on coastal riffs. On tiny islands close to the coast there are lots of birdy spots. Mountain landscapes conjoin “alpine meadows” and rocky gorges on the island.

The way to Moneron lies from the port of Nevelsk on board of comfortable vessel with cabins and takes a few hours. It’s possible to arrange fishing sea perch directly from board the vessel on the approaches to the island. The event is quite breathtaking and the catch is guaranteed. If one attends Moneron for two days with one night, it will be possible to accomplish radial trips on foot on the island.

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