Incoming tourism: Sakhalin Region

“Sakhalin lies in the Okhotskoe Sea,
blocking off almost one thousand kilometers
of the east coast of Siberia and the entrance
to the mouth of Amur River from the ocean.
Its form is elongated from the north to the south,
and its shape is reminiscent of a starlet”
A. P. Chekhov

Welcome to Sakhalin Region

Dear friends!

Let us call you “friends” as if we make you fall in love in Sakhalin and the Kurile Islands from the pages of this edition and as a result you will travel to our amazing land we shall stay good friends forever. We sincerely hope for it.

The nature created this piece of land for romantics, lovers of travel and adventure – free and shoreless sea, salty surf and tight waves, voices of ships in the fog, virgin taiga woods, misty and dreamy knolls and sea terraces with magnificence of bright flowers and wild-growing herbs, velvety edelweiss, grim and alluring volcanoes, hot springs, pinky dawns and absolutely unreal sunsets. Here is the beginning and the edge of our land.

Inhabitants of the islands are open and benevolent. Their hearts and souls are sakhalinized through; their characters are hardened in storms and blizzards. Everyone who decides to visit the remote islands will meet cordiality, warmth and light smiles of the Sakhalin people.

We love our land very much and would like to share our love with us. There are places in the world mentioning of which makes heart palpitate. Sakhalin and the Kurile islands will leave in your memory indelible trace of rapturous recollections.

Fill your life with beauty and happy moments!

Yours faithfully,
L. N. Medvedeva,
Director of “Omega-Plus” travel agency

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